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hello, bonjour, guten tag, hola, ni hao, konnichi wa, zdravstvuite. (that's "hello" in english, french, german, spanish, chinese, japanese, and russian. (i got the ones i didn't know from this site. it's a very useful reference place, you know.) but anyway. hello, welcome to my lj, where i will be posting all my work and thoughts on over the next... well, i don't know how long i'll stay for! i hope it'll be a fair bit of time, though. also welcome to, erm, me. i am a person, from earth. ack - that's what i usually say on my web profiles, and i am determined to do better than that here. well. yes, i am a person, from earth, but i am also a wannabe published author. i have written many books of varying degrees of quality. they range from sci-fi epics to domestic short stories, from compendiums of imagined facts to psychographymances (don't even ask.) i also try to draw and photomanipulate. this time around i can safely say the results of this hobby are not of varying degrees of quality - they are of varying degrees of crapness. oh well - we've all got to have our weaknesses!

but what about me myself? well, i try not to reveal too much detail about me on the web for fear of... stuff happening. i can say that my name is nick, and i live somewhere in london, england. hooray for vagueness! i suspect i have a mental age of about six, but i'm actually older, believe it or not. *drum-roll* i have a cat called pebble, whose weight is inexorably increasing... oh, and finally, i have a fetish for lower-case letters. you noticed, did you? damnnation.

my top five
the braided path trilogy, by chris wooding - the most original fantasy out there.
the hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy series, by douglas adams - so random it hurts your brain, in a good way.
watchmen, by alan moore and dave gibbons - complex, poetic and existential, this is the definition of great literature.
the lord of the rings trilogy, by jrr tolkien - the original, the best.
the timewaster letters series, by robin cooper - the funniest series i've ever read.

tv shows:
firefly - the most beautiful, funny and endearing sci-fi you could imagine.
doctor who - it opens the imagination with its anywhere, anytime format.
lost - endlessly baffling but also endlessly fun, and now much better than its rival, heroes.
life on mars - "bastards!"
blackadder - a bit of a contrast with all of the above, but yes, the greatest comedy ever.

lord of the rings: return of the king - the most spectacular film in all of cinema history.
serenity - a spin-off (from firefly) that doesn't lose the original's wit and intelligence.
watchmen - erm, see above.
the sixth sense - terrifying, absolutely terrifying, and it didn't even need gory latex masks.
pan's labyrinth - watched it, liked it, rewatched it, adored it.

st thomas - rip, the beautiful musician who inspired dozens of my stories.
warren zevon - another great musician who died too soon.
neotropic - they made an obscure french film sound exotic and existential with their music.
iron and wine - catchy tunes drowned in deeper meaning.
neil young - possibly the inspiration behind st thomas, and very nearly just as good.

riders on the storm by the doors - the only doors song that's truly great.
sheer wonder by herman dune - politically relevant and sporting a beautifully addictive tune.
a long long time by st thomas - the meaningful, haunting song that fed the idea of "aeon war" in my mind - unforgettable.
river's dance by greg edmonson - this piece of music from firefly manages to be jolly as well as haunting.
where do the children play? by cat stevens - yaaaaay!

and now for the moral of this story
zenith stood shakily on his hind legs, grin widening. numbers and symbols flashed through his mind. his eyes gained a painfully sharp focus; he could see atoms swimming through each other; he moved his paw this way and that, complicated; atomic chains linking up, reason and reaction, cause and effect...

atoms moved together, split open and fused, and a massive white roaring light blossomed in the abyss, blossomed from the empty space and pulsated – the pulsing of atoms, the heartbeat of time. zenith contained the explosion, curving the fabric of the world into a soft nest of matter. numbers, so many numbers. the explosion seethed silently for a moment in its cocoon; then folded in on itself into nothing. the wind howled angrily at the bending of nature’s rules, and Zenith smiled a celebratory smile.

he would do it. he would break the silence. zenith gazed down at the distant land, at the red shapes. they no longer seemed menacing; their humming and blinking lacked potency. his smile turned into a vicious laugh.

zenith: one. little pretty red evil marauding swine: nil.

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